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Military Police/Air Police/Security Police/Security Forces Have Been Responsible For Raising and Lowering the National Colors For As Long as I Can Remember. I Can’t Begin To Tell You How Many Times I Have Raised And Lowered The Colors.   When Ever The National Anthem Is Played My Mind Wonders To All The Bases I Have Been Were I Raised and Lowered The Colors.  It Brings Tears To My Eyes To This Very Day. 



The History of Air Police/Security Police/Security Forces


I'm a retired TSgt, I retired from the Air Force in 1991 from the 92nd Security Police Squadron Fairchild AFB. I spent 20 years in the Law Enforcement career field.  In Feb 1972 I entered Security Police Academy. In April 1972 I was sent to Lajes Field the Azores in the 1605 Security Police Sq. In Aug 1973 I was stationed at Hill AFB, Utah in the 2849 Security Police Sq. In Feb 1976 I was stationed at Fairchild AFB, WA 92nd Security Police Sq. In March 1978  I was sent to Andersen AFB Guam, 43rd Security Police Sq. In July 1979 I was sent to 314th Security Police Sq. where I spent almost 7 years. Then in April of 1986 I was sent to 5072nd Air Base Sq. In April of 1987 I was sent to Fairchild AFB once again.  In March of 1980 while stationed at LRAFB I was sent TDY to the USAF Correctional Custody Squadron Lowry AFB for 6 months.  USAF Correctional Custody at Lowry was Closed in 1978 and then reopened in 1980 do to influx of drug use in the Air Force. 

We got our roots from the United States Army MP's It is too bad that we can not carry on the tradition.  We change our name at the drop of a hat. I  think we are not doing our career field any justice or the United States Air Force.


Transformed from Army Air Corp to  USAF 1947 and were called Air Police.  Some how I think we should still be called Air Police.

Recent visit to Lackland AFB and Air Force Security Police Association

When I was at the Air Force Security Police Association meeting in Oct of 2003 we were given a tour of the New Security Forces Center  (Should be the Security Police Center) I saw one of the brassards on display. I asked one of the Chiefs If I could possibly have one for my collection.  To my surprise he gave me one.  At that moment I thought the whole trip was worth it. If I had to go home at that moment I would still would have had one the greatest times of my life. 

The Current SP Brassard


Fairchild Desert Brassard

As a Amn I started as a gate guard as do many LE troops, but I also guarded F-4's being ferried to Israel and Guarded C5A's, C141 with explosive A.  Then I progressed to patrolman. I got most of my patrol training from the NCO's and DOD Cops at Hill AFB. Also as a Sgt I still managed to pull a gate or two twice a week. ( As a Buck Sgt I crossed trained into corrections) I then advanced to the Rank of SSgt where I became a senior patrolman with advance duties of being assistant LE Flt Chief, investigating traffic accidents before they were simplified with an exchange form, running radar, anti robbery's and domestic violence.  As TSgt,  Flt. Chief, LE Superintendent, Resource Protection, Crime Prevention, Information Security Manager, Pass and ID. Gee I wonder if I have left anything out?  

First Air Police Badge autorized by the Air Force


This is badge is the first thing that I have collected. This badge had the numbers ground off and I had a jeweler put a silver plate on it. She was able to see the orginal numbers with a jewelers eye glass and was able to engrave numbers back on. Since these numbers were orginally stampped in they are not quite the same.

I would like to mention that I have wanted one these badges for over thirty years. They had these badges on all of the back office doors in the 1605 Security Police Sq. I could have taken one at anytime during the time I was stationed their. But being a LE troop, my integrity is above reproach.

These patches are of the Squadrons that I was stationed at. Some of the patches I already had and some I got from my pal ED.  1605 SPS Lajes Field Azores, 2849 SPS Hill AFB, 92 SPS Fairchild AFB WA., 43 SPS Andersen AFB Guam, 314 SPS Little Rock AFB and 5072nd Air Base Squadron AK. 

These were the squadrons I was assigned to


1605th,  2849th,  92nd,  43rd,  314th,  5072nd Squadrons


43d SPS Andersen AFB Guam patch


The Defenders of the force


Often in our troubled past,

Of  wars and world unrest


There’s been a need for warriors,

Who are better than the rest


Those special sort of people,

Who are challenged day by day


Who are faced with much adversity,

Often placed into harms way


The Task that lies before them,

Will surely test them well


Like comrades gone before them,

And only time will tell


If what they’ve learned in training,

In class or in the field


On all the special skills they’ll need,

Will someday be revealed


At different stateside bases,

Or different foreign lands


Guarding lives and Air Force assets,

Is a job with great demands


But they are proud professionals,

Duty bound to serve and enforce


And in the  tradition of Security Police,

They’re the defenders of the force


Richard L Lemley  , Jr.

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