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This section of my site is dedicated to SAFE SIDE
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1966 - Special Order G-42, July 18,1966, activated the 1041st Security Strike Force Squadron (Test) commanded by Lt Col William Wise and gave birth to Operation Safe Side. This unit was Ranger trained to provide an aggressive role in air base defense. Later they were renamed the 1041st Security Police Squadron (Test).

1966 - Light blue beret with falcon emblem authorized for use for combat security police assigned to 1041st SPS(T), visible recognition of our role as a special purpose unit.  This is were the current Flash is derived from .
1967 - 1041st SPS(T) arrived at Phu Cat AB, Vietnam.
1967 -  On 4 July 1967 the 1041st was airlifted from Phu Cat to its temporary bed down site at Fairchild AFB, Washington. On 21 January 1968 the 1041st was placed under the operational management of the Tactical Air Command (TAC).
When the 1041st arrived at Fairchild AFB, WA they were soon  redesignated the 4470th Combat Security Police Sq. That designation did not last for very long and they were then sent back to Schofield Barracks as Detachment 1, 82nd Combat Security Police Wing

1997- Cloth Flash replaces MAJCOMS beret crest 

Orginal issue Safeside Beret


Given to me by Ted Wright who is a member of the 1041st T

Current Security Forces Flash
 Adopted in 1997 to replace
MAJCOM Beret Crest




Also Given to me by friend Ted Wright


821 Combat Security Police Squadron


823 Combat Security Police Squadron


Found  822 CSPS Patch.

In the tradion of the 1041st T Safeside of 1968-71 A new breed of 1041st emerges


Chris Parker
City/Country: Moody AFB GA
Comments: I just completed a very special mission in the area of Balad AB Iraq. its called Operation Desert SAFESIDE in honor of Operation Safeside during the 60's, our Task Force was deemed Task Force 1041, also in honor of those who serverd in the 60's.. our mission, kill or capture anti iraqy forces and cease rocket and mortor attacks to Balad AB. it was a trial run of almost 3 months to see if the Air Force Security Forces could do it. and we did, it was highly successful and no lives lost, no major injuries. the squadron ( or unit i should say) that lead the charge in this Task Force was non other then elements of the 823rd, 822nd and 824th SFS. I was just looking up some things on the origianl SAFESIDE missions and thought Ii'd drop my 2 cents in on this site. hooah! 

Click on the image below and it will take you to the article of Operation Task Force 1041

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Operation SAFESIDE, click on flash to see future of Security Forces


Original  1041st T beret flash



This is an orginal SAFESIDE Tiger Stripe boonie hat given to me by Jimmy Pierce.  This hat was given to Jimmy by Rene Garcia who was a member of the 1041st T. TSgt Garcia and I were stationed together at Fairchild AFB in 1977. Jimmy asked TSgt Garcia if I could have this hat and he graciously gave it to me.



This Uniform is a replica of what Ted Wright would have worn in Vietnam until he was issued jungle fatigues

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