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15th Military Police BDE
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800 Military Police Brigade
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Worn from:  11 March 1942 - 1 March 1948.

Re-designated:  Army Field Forces.  Worn from:  1 March 1948 - 1962.

Re-designated:  Continental Army Command (CONARC).  Worn from:  1962 - 31 January 1973.

Re-designated:  Forces Command -- United States Army (FORSCOM).  Worn from:  31 January 1973 - Current.

A disk consisting of three horizontal stripes (red, white, and blue) was personally selected in World War I by General Pershing for wear by all personnel assigned to General Headquarters, American Expeditionary Forces.  The source of the design is said to have been the red, white, and blue horizontally striped brassard worn as a distinguishing mark by staff officers when moving about on duty in congested areas at the front in World War I.  In 1941, the brassard prescribed for General Headquarters, American Expeditionary Forces consisted of three stripes of blue, white, and red, the blue uppermost.  Therefore, the shoulder-sleeve insignia was authorized to be worn with the blue uppermost to conform to the manner of wearing the brassard.



81st MP's
Worn from:  21 September 1976 - Current.

The raven indicates that the elements of this brigade are derived from Washington state.  The family crest of George Washington, a raven on a gold coronet, traditionally has been used to form the crest of the Washington-state unit insignia.  The raven design is a combination of three Northwest Indian tribal designs of the raven; the head portion from the Haida Indians; the lower portion from the Kwakiutl Indians; and the beak, eyes, and mouth from the Nootka Indians.  The use of rectangles and squares is based on the extensive use of such shapes in Indian designs and carvings.



Worn from:  23 June 1947 - 7 November 1952.

Re-designated:  Europe -- United States Army.  Worn from:  7 November 1952 - Current.

A flaming sword symbolizes the use of armed forces to restore freedom.  The rainbow colors represent the Allied forces which, together, bring peace (symbolized by blue sky) to Europe


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