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History Of The Security Police Blue Beret

According to SAC Elite Guard documents the dark blue berets were first worn within the Air Force, by SAC's Luper's Troopers security units, in the early fifties; these units were trained at the Army's Ranger School, at Camp Carson and were based upon the RAF's WW-II Infantry Regiments. Authorized only by SAC.


The Blue Beret

The Army has it's claim to fame;

The Airborne Rangers, the Green Berets.

The world knows the Navy Seals;
Life of Danger, Men of Steel.

The Corps have their elite too;
Recon Patrol, the Proud, the Few.

But when it comes to us, not much is heard;
We're just the Cops who guard the birds.

In Vietnam, through toil and strife,
We gave it all, our hearts, our life.
A page in history, a chapter in time;

We fought for freedom, yours and mine.
We stayed vigilant through cold and rain,
and bear the fatigue, hardship, and pain.

This piece of ground, we will defend,
Side by side `til the bitter end.

So fear not pilot, you can fly all day,
This base is guarded by the Blue Beret

That Blue Beret

I still have dad’s photo on the wall
He standing so proud and tall
Dressed smartly in his uniform
Wearing that blue Beret
He was so proud of
And I was too I must admit

Still makes my eyes waters
When I look upon that image
And recall
As he bent
To lace up his boots
In the front hall

How I would watch in awe
As he straightened that beret
In front of the mirror
So it sat just perfect on his brow

What a treat it was
When mom took us along
To watch when he was on parade
When the soldiers were turn in step
And salute the crowd
My heart would beat faster
When I saw dad wink in our direction
As he saluted and I would think with great pride
That’s my dad in that blue beret…

By …Audrey LeBlanc

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