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This type of DOD
Badge was used at  
Hill AFB in the 1970's
by our counterparts


This DOD Police Patch was used at Hill Air Force Base by our counterparts in the 1970's


Current DOD Police Patch


These Gate Guard Placards   were used during my last tour at Fairchild (1987-1991).  This type of name plate was being used until 2004



First Jacket used by  Air Police and
Security Police, issued to me
 in 1972 while in the Azores.

First Air Police Jacket
Issued in the Late 60's worn until mid 70's

This is second Jacket that I owned was issued in 1976 while stationed at  Fairchild AFB.  The SP jacket remained until 1991 When they changed over to the new jacket.


This is the third SP/SF  jacket for our career field,  I got out of the service prior to this jacket  being issued.  Nice jacket, one drawback the material  picks up every piece of hair and lint.  Issued in the 90's.


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